Nothing compares to what we do. Every member of the CC:MD Concierge Medical Team is remarkable, but as a team, we are an unwavering force committed to providing the best primary medical care possible for you as an individual. There are five qualities patients should seek in a medical professional—intelligence, humility, compassion, commitment and trust. The CC:MD team will exceed your expectations in each of these areas.

As your primary care providers, the CC:MD Concierge Medical Team is here for you not only to respond to your immediate needs but also to anticipate your future needs. We ensure that our patients see the right specialists and are the hub for all information to help you find the best health care and treatment solutions.

We strive to ensure that you don't spend your time with us describing what happened when you had an evaluation, radiology study or consultation outside CC:MD. We review that information as soon as it is available and come to our conversation with you ready to discuss your concerns and the action items.

A comprehensive understanding of our patients is a vital point of difference—not only their medical history, but also who they are as individuals. This is what allows us to empower patients to make the best health care decisions possible. Concierge medicine isn't just about comfort and convenience; it's a commitment to never compromise. This is what you will find at CC:MD.

After all, we are caring for your most precious resource—your health.

“Dr. Carter made a huge impact on my life, not only improving my physical health but also my mental and emotional health. She literally picked me up off the ground postpartum and got me back on track. I am forever grateful.”
Contact us today at inquire@myccmd.com or 972-415-2409 to learn more about how we can care for you.