Our Name

In the days before internet and email, carbon paper was used to create a copy of all important documents. The carbon copy was the permanent backup of vital information and correspondence for an individual or company.

CC:MD represents who we are to our patients—a permanent backup for your health care. We're an unwavering source of help and support as you navigate your own health care decisions. We are always here for you, holding the medical information and knowledge vital to ensuring you receive the personalized care you need—whether in our practice or through a referral to a specialist.

Our practice is limited in size to allow us to cultivate relationships that personalize medical care. Our model ensures that every touch point—from reception to patient care to follow-up—is exactly what you need when you need it.

Understanding who our patients are and meeting them where they are in their health care journey is as important to exceptional patient care as our team's outstanding medical experience. We recognize that it takes time to develop relationships, so we make time for you. The result is having a care team you trust, which is priceless.

“Dr. Croft is efficient, listens well, has well-researched answers, and makes me feel involved in my own medical care.”
Contact us today at or 972-415-2409 to learn more about how we can care for you.